LEVIS support of our LIVE LIFE Call To Action Campaigns

Such an honor to have LEVIS support of our LIVE LIFE Call To Action Campaigns.

Levi’s Skateboarding proudly presents: ‘Skateboarding In Pine Ridge’, a documentary directed by Greg Hunt chronicling the skatepark build at Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Pine Ridge is largely reported in the media as an impoverished community with a drug and alcohol epidemic and teen suicide rates seven to ten times greater than the National average. When the Levi’s team visited the reservation, they saw a community transformed. They found a generation inspired – a group of people championing each other through their collective actions.

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Skateboarding in Pine Ridge – Levi’s Skateboarding from Farm League on Vimeo.

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“Due to the health of a key Stronghold Society staff member we are rescheduling the ONE Gathering Skate For Life that we had set for Labor Day weekend in Pine Ridge, South Dakota…. At this time I need to put all my support and healing energy with my family, My sincere apologize and I thank you always for your continued support of our youth outreach efforts. WE PROMISE TO COME BACK STRONG IN 2017. Wopila Tanka.” – Walt Pourier Executive Director. www.StrongholdSociety.org

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Great perspective on the Manderson Build in 2015.

Check out TransWorld production of our LEVIS Skateboarding / Stronghold Society​ story in 2015… nailed it. It is all about our youth… support them, instill some hope, inspire them… its a beautiful thing we got going on in Lakota Country… lets spread this across to other nations as well… Thank you always for your continued support, big things ahead in 2016. Lets rock!

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Wopila to Levi, Grindline Skateparks, Vitalogy Foundation and many others


“By becoming skateboarders, kids join a worldwide community of all different types of people who accept you for who you are. It’s creative and inspires a unique, alternative perspective. While being inherently mischievous, it also creates a work ethic. It teaches kids to set and achieve goals. In every way, it makes a kid feel good about him or herself, with a constant yearning toward self-improvement, which is something that extends much further than merely the act of hopping around on a four-wheeled toy.”

Read more here, http://www.monsterchildren.com/37339/levis-south-dakota-build/

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2015 ONE Gathering Schedule

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Denver March Powwow

It was a great weekend for us in our Stronghold Society outreach efforts. For us it is about a community coming together and sharing in our “grand ideas”… meeting with all our supporters/friends and gaining new supporters/friends… the outreach was huge, as we connected with hundreds of people. It also gives us an opportunity to showcase new Stronghold support product, which helps us to fundraise for our LIVE LIFE programs. The new “support gear” will be posted here on our online store in case you missed the powwow. Once again, great year at the Denver March Powwow, we love this event.

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Comic Creation Stories

In February, we hosted a class for Native youth on Comic Creation Stories. About twelve students learned the basics to storytelling and comic book illustration in this unique and fun workshop taught by Kristina Bad Hand. It was our first Stronghold Society Art Gathering held at the McNichol’s Building in Denver and was a great success. We’d like to thank Kristina for sharing her talent and Tim Taylor for the use of the room in the McNichol’s Building. We hope to have more Art Gatherings in the near future, so check back soon!


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Come visit us at the Colorado Indian Market

We will be set up January 23rd through January 25th at the Denver Mart located at I-25 and 58th Ave. Our booth will be near the entertainment stage so come on by and support the Stronghold Society by picking up some new merchandise.

There will also be some awesome entertainment to check out including Pulse! Live Art with Heart! Two amazing artists that combine speed painting, music and choreography…and a big blank canvas becomes a beautiful animal portrait in less than 10 minutes! As a special bonus, the work of art will immediately be auctioned off with the proceeds to benefit charity, including Stronghold Society. For more information go to http://www.indianmarket.net/colorado-festival-stage-entertainment/

See you there!

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