“STRONGER TOGETHER” is a special documentary short directed by filmmaker Scott Soens and produced by Ely Key and Up Mountain Switchel, the film documents Up Mountain Switchel’s work with the Stronghold Society building skate parks, cultivating leadership development, and creating art programs on Native American reservations.

Through this new partnership, a portion of every purchase of an Up Mountain Switchel beverage directly supports skate parks, art programs, and real impact.

“As a company that is founded upon a heritage recipe that goes back hundreds of years, it is really important to us to be able to honor indigenous communities,” says Up Mountain Switchel Founder Ely Key. “We are beyond thrilled to support the Stronghold Society in creating leaders of the future within Native and non-Native communities who are able to share the power of indigenous knowledge to inspire strength of mind, body and spirit.”
The launch of the official partnership between the two organizations is catalyzed by this release of Up Mountain Switchel’s documentary short on the innovative partnership created by Scott Soens, a highly regarded cinematographer, photographer & director for the surf industry who shoots for Patagonia and other industry leaders.

Up Mountain Switchel:
You. Us. Stronghold. Together.
Song: Smillin
Artist: Northern Cree

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