Let us put our minds together.

It IS said that once spoken, a sound never dies. Like ripples on the water, it reverberates on and on and finds harmony with all that it touches. This rhythm helps us as a people to set events in motion.
It was also said by one of our visionaries…

“Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children.”  — Sitting Bull.

We can live up to the ideals of our visionaries by taking that step, together… and by doing so, give our children “a voice”… this voice is carried out through the power of our word, this is the sound… the power of this sound that has been heard throughout our generations.
It vibrates in the rhythm of all we are today.
This sound, is the feeling of all we represent, all of life connected… that feeling is the language to the soul… to our center, that within each of us… that which connects us to all that is… this keeps us, as a people, in harmony with each other.
Keeps us in sync with our past.

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