Stronghold Society at the Colorado State Capital

The Colorado State Capital and the LT Governor Garcia’s Office support the Stronghold Society’s outreach efforts. Curated as part of the Colorado Creative Industries Creative Capitol series, the artwork will be on display through February 4th on the Capitol’s first floor lobby and Rotunda Gallery.  Thanks for all your support. “micante etan wopila tanka”

“It really means a lot to be getting these opportunities, like the artist-in-residence thing at the Denver Art Museum, the Mayor’s Diversity Award we won last year for our work with the Stronghold Society, and now to have our work hanging in the State Capitol,” Pourier says. “We see Denver as center of Native country here in the United States, with a huge Native urban population, and these kinds of recognitions are really helping us to make Denver our base, a center point we can reach out from to serve this community and also the surrounding states and Native communities around us.” — Walt Pourier

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