Jeff Ament VANS Pass The Bucket – Stronghold Society

Jeff Ament VANS Pass The Bucket Episode premiere!!!! and the WK4-Directions Skatepark of the Stronghold Society… prepare to be moved!! Thank you Jeff, thanks Chris Overholser, Luke Korver, Steve Vandoren and VANS… this is a beautiful story. The Stronghold Society and the Lakota Community is so honored with this production, true heart and soul of Jeff Ament made this whole thing possible. Special thanks to all the Pine Ridge Park supporters, and Jeff Ament and Montana Pool Service, Jim Murphy and Wounded Knee Skateboards, Walt Pourier and the Stronghold Society, Mark Hubbard and Grindline Skateparks, Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation / Ben Harper / Chris Sacca, The Eagle Bull Family and VANS Off The Wall. VANS PASS THE BUCKET… you rocked it!!!

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